Blessed Midweek

Hello everyone! Happy mid-week! How’s everything going for you? I sincerely hope everything is well for you. If you’re having a tough week, go through it and remember that if you can survive the toughest duration in your life, there’s nothing else that you can’t go through.

Mid-weeks are the best because you know you are halfway through the week and even better, Friday is a public holiday which makes the week even shorter. However, it’s still the time to grind on your personal development. The weekends, still hold the same 24 hours as the weekdays, for you to work on yourself! Make full use of it!

After a long day of working from home, reading up on Routing & Switching, had VeganBurg for dinner with my parents and the happy faces they make while eating really makes my heart melt. Never be too busy for your parents to spend quality time with you. If you’re busy, make time for them.

Played Division 2 on PS4 with my brother and cousin only for a short while and it’s time to end off the day with a positive quote. When the day gets harder, face it with courage and tell yourself “Challenge Accepted”, believe in yourself and you will get through it!

“It always seems impossible until it is done.” – Nelson Mandela

Good night everyone and see you all tomorrow! Stay positive!