Productive Tuesday (Day 126/365)

Good evening, how’s the week going for everyone? I hope that everyone is doing great and holding on to being positive and thinking positive!

It is indeed very difficult to remain productive throughout the day but there are a few ways that I adopted for myself to remain productive. If it’s useful for you, feel free to adopt it!

  1. I will make myself a cup of Earl Grey Tea.
  2. I will close all Social Medias on my PC – Yes I use PC to work.
  3. Listening to music that soothes my mood
  4. Following according to the schedule of the day
  5. No Procrastination

During work, Social Medias are 1 of the most distracting things that prevents me from achieving my Goals of The Day (GOTD) and I will always find myself in a difficult situation to bring my attention and focus back to the things I am supposed to do for the day. Rather, I will make myself a cup of hot tea, listen to music, music may or may not be applicable to you and continue focusing. I will take a look at the schedule of the day and begin or continue on my work!

Focus! As long as you don’t have Social Medias being your distraction, your focus level on your Work or Personal Development will always be at the top of your game! If you ever felt that your focus level is dropping as the time goes, take a short break and have a sip of your hot beverage and look out of the window and have some fresh air, then tell yourself, “Break is over, time to focus!”.

Follow your plan and it will never go wrong, you will never feel that you are not being productive! Make everyday Positive and Productive! Everyone can do it and so do you! Procrastination will never get me anywhere for the day, I will end up doing things that I am not supposed to.

Let’s focus on the better and make today better than yesterday! To end off a productive Tuesday, here’s a positive quote to boost our motivation for tomorrow!

“The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down.”
– Stephen Richards