TGIF everyone! How’s the week going for everyone? Still feeling as positive as you felt on Monday?

This morning was raining cats and dogs and you know, it’s the perfect weather to be continuing in your sleep at 530AM. I woke up at 530AM today and started my day at 6AM but the temptation to jump back into bed is so strong!

Started my positive Friday off by watching some videos on Networking Fundamentals and a short read on Networking to improve my networking skills. To be honest I am weak in networking but it does not stop me from constantly improving myself!

A whole day of researching and learning on Kali Linux and I know the feeling where everyone knows it’s Friday and it’s the time where we tend to slacken off a little because why not? FOCUS! Finish this week’s work and a little of next week’s! Get ahead of the time instead of chasing the time!

Ended my work for the day on a highly productive note and continued to do double sessions of workout today. Thankful for my girlfriend for accompanying me throughout the day to keep me motivated and positive! Yes, sometimes you just need someone to push you through the day and never hesitate to push each other!

Now that everything is done and completed for the day, it’s time to relax our minds by enjoying some games, movies or readings! I plays PS4, sometimes alone or if my brother and cousin are available as we will always play together ever since young. Else I will split my time up between accompanying my beautiful girlfriend and reading books that boosts my personal development!

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

Let’s all enjoy together, stay safe together, stay healthy together, stay positive together and have an awesome weekend everyone!