How about Today?

Hello everyone! Welcome back to a brand new week of Personal Development, Hustles and Hard Work! Started off the day with a heavy downpour and best accompanied with a cup of Hot Earl Grey Tea. The weather makes it very cozy anywhere in the house and definitely not a way to be productive.

Instead of telling myself “I will do it tomorrow”, or even “I will do it later”. Why not remind ourselves, simply by writing in our planner or telling it straight to our face in the mirror, “I will do it today” or “I will do it now”. The results will be different than the ones we delay to later or tomorrow. It’s all in our mind that we have to keep it in constantly in order for us not to slack off.

How is everyone’s day? Good, bad or worse, let’s make it positive and productive too! Sometimes we are situated in a negative circumstance, environment or situation, it is up to us to turn the tables around. From a negative circumstance, environment or situation, we can make it positive instead. You don’t know how? It doesn’t matter if you know or don’t know, just do it anyways!

Why not make today, the start of getting rid of all bad habits, practicing good habits instead? Let’s make everyday a day where we feel extremely satisfied before we head to bed. I will ask myself constantly when I tend to slack off, “Why not Today?”. Lots of excuses will pop into my mind but all we got to tell ourselves is to just do it anyway!

Enjoy the rest of the day or night or moments with your family, loved ones or your gaming consoles! Work hard for a better tomorrow! Focus!

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”

Bruce Lee