Hello everyone!

I finally got my haircut done and surprisingly after I undergone the mandatory 2 years of National Service, keeping my hair short and neat is a must. I no longer feel irritation caused by my thick and long hair! Do remember to always wear a mask when you head out!

Gotten my haircut during my lunch break hour and quickly headed back home with some Kaya waffles that I have been craving for and back to work! Work is great, making my new TV as a PC monitor as well and making full use of it!

How’s work for everyone? Take some short breaks if you’re feeling a bit restless, cool yourself off for a little and then jump right in and continue the battle! Write yourself positive notes in between breaks will help to boost your productivity of the day!

I have a small little favor from everyone that are reading my posts, give it a thumbs up if you like the content and I will try my very best to come out with new contents other than my personal daily life experiences!

Now let’s make the rest of our midweek productive and satisfactory! FOCUS!

“Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.”

Albert Schweitzer