Laze Laze Thursday

You must be wondering why the title of today’s post is “Laze Laze Thursday”, or maybe not. Well today I actually lazed off almost half a day doing minimal amount of work because I didn’t sleep well and ended up only having 1 hour of sleep. With that 1 hour of “sleep”, nothing productive can be produced! It’s just like doing an experiment in schools all over again, but this time, with my own body clock.

You know, the strange thing about lazing off a little is you still can actually feel productive even though it’s achieving minimal targets of the day. My mind is literally in airplane mode during work and yet I am still able to stay a little productive, well of course I did achieve some targets for the day! On top of that tomorrow is Friday too and that sums it up.

Today I too, felt extremely cranky and I really miss my girl a lot, knowing we can’t meet up still and let’s do a little countdown for myself and everyone that reads this post, to the end of Circuit Breaker due to COVID-19.



  hours  minutes  seconds



Meanwhile, please stay safe and do hydrate yourself with plenty of fluids, and I meant plain water and always remember to stay positive and be productive, even when you feel like lazing off a little! Lazing off but getting something done, even a little is better than lazing off but getting nothing done! Let’s focus for Friday and end off the week in a high note before we head into furnishing personal development!

“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.”

Robert Collier