Hustle Never Stops!

Hustle never stops on weekends! Just like the usual weekdays, I do wake up at 530AM during the weekends too to build on Personal Aspects, which I call it Personal Development. I feel that my knowledge on everything is still very shallow and there’s always room for improvement.

So during my mornings on Saturdays, I normally wake up earlier and tries to read books that I bought and for today, I’m continuing on a book relating to Networking.

I don’t have a habit of reading since young so I’m picking up reading as a hobby now, it’s never too late to pick up any hobby as long as we are willing to do it! Personal Development is all about enhancing ourselves with more knowledge, wisdom and insights and improving ourselves generally. Personal Development is about making ourselves better than who we were the day before. All we got to do is be disciplined and focus!

My weekends are pretty much focused on Personal Development where as I mentioned I will wake up at 530AM and I start off the day by reading books and the whole day will basically be reading and researching on the topics that I read on to get more in-depth information and knowledge.

During the afternoon and evening I have some classes to attend and normally during Saturdays I will go to Temple for these classes. However, due to COVID-19, it has become online sessions instead. For my Saturday nights, I will relax myself with playing PS4 games and now I am currently playing NBA 2K20!

So how do I keep myself awake for the morning? I will either wash my face with cold water or have a cold shower to feel extremely freshened and then drinking 3 cups of hot water in the morning to keep my body warmed up and then a cup of hot tea to keep myself awake. It doesn’t have to be tea, you can make yourself a drink that will keep you awake throughout the morning!

That is how my weekends are and this is just the start of everything. I’m still adapting to my new sleeping regiments and some nights I could not even get myself to sleep. So keep the hustle going on strong and on fire and never stop at any point of time. Take a break if you need to! FOCUS!

Enjoy the lovely weekends!

“Hard work keeps the wrinkles out of the mind and spirit.”

Helena Rubinstein