Pizza Night

Hello everyone!

After a long day at work, but from home, it’s time to reward ourselves with some Pizzas! I got the craving for Pizza and I ordered for my family, 2 Large Pizzas, 1 Banana Kaya Pizza and Cinnamon Sticks from Dominos.

As my whole family is vegetarian, we ordered the Quattro Veggie pizza and Romano Margherita pizza. It is delicious! Crispy crust and very very cheesy. Quality time spent but missing my brother, sister-in-law and my girlfriend, I’ll order for you all next time okay? ❤️

I overslept by an hour again this morning and that doesn’t stop me from being positive and productive! It’s all about disciplining myself, instead of saying “Dang! I’ve wasted 1 hour”, I asked myself, “What can I do to make it up to the 1 hour I have wasted?”. It’s all about hustling to achieve more results than what was planned!

As such, I got up immediately, started off my day forcing myself to be even more focused. Making a cup of green tea and started off with my work. I’m an IT Security engineer and due to COVID-19 and the circuit breaker rules, I’m unable to head down to sites to perform my work so these few weeks it’s more on working on documentations.

I’ve got an exam coming up in another 8 days time and it’s about Routing & Switching. (I have minimal knowledge on Routing & Switching). Let’s do a little countdown to my exam date shall we?



  hours  minutes  seconds


Routing & Switching Exam

7 days to study for this exam and this means that I have to juggle between work and studying extremely hard! It’s mid-week tomorrow and it’s got to be the day where my performance will be at the peak! Time to focus, grind and hustle like there’s no tomorrow! Stay safe, stay positive and remember to workout to keep ourselves fit!


“It makes a big difference in your life when you stay positive.”

Ellen DeGeneres