Happy Mid-Week! What is up everyone? How’s the week going for every ladies and gentlemen out there? The only answer that I can tell myself is my week is getting better and better each day! Motivation level is still at the top and I got to admit sometimes I do take a long break too.

So, in today’s post I will share on how I keep myself motivated throughout almost the entire day except on the hours that I use on sleeping. It is very important and crucial that I stay motivated during work hours especially during this period and after my work hours that I work on Personal Development.

First and foremost, in order to keep myself motivated, I will write out my next day schedule the night before I head to bed and look through it until I get it in my mind that yes, those are the things I got to do the next day. (Sometimes I do overslept too)


Yes, second thing to keep myself motivated is to be disciplined to follow through my schedule. Sometimes the plans I made have to be altered a little due to my lack of discipline and that is how I motivate myself, telling myself that the amount of time I spend doing other things out of the schedule is how much I lack discipline and that amount of time wasted could have been me, achieving my targets of the day. That gets me back on track and continue doing the work I was supposed to do.


I, too understand that sometimes things that I have to do is so boring to the extend that I will tend to slack off and lose my focus. I reminded myself, no matter how boring a task is, face it and finish it with a positive attitude. Always conquer a boring, difficult task with an positive attitude, eventually that task will become fun and simple.


If that doesn’t work, I will watch motivational YouTube videos, looking at all those people that are successful and make them my inspiration and the reason why I have to be motivated and work hard towards my goals. Money isn’t everything but everything, needs money. That is how I motivate myself to conquer everyday being positive, motivated and productive!

I hope this post will motivate every ladies and gentlemen to work harder for their desired achievements and let’s do this together! Let’s motivate each other along the way! It’s more than just having self motivation and a special thank you to my beautiful girlfriend for giving me the additional motivation everyday!

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“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.”

Robert Collier