Time is never enough!

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! Does it incur to any of you that our time that we have is genuinely insufficient? I do feel that every 24 hours given to me is never enough. Yet another exciting day to share with everyone! It’s a few more days to the lovely weekends and how’s the week going for everyone?

In the past I spend my time lazing, enjoying the cozy weather and doing absolutely nothing productive. After reaching a certain age, I realized that time is never enough for me to reach my goals. I have to work double, spend more time focusing on work and Personal Development. So to equally divide the time during this Circuit Breaker Period, I have divided my entire day into:

0530 – 0830: Personal Development
0830 – 1800: Work
1800 – 2230: Workout & Personal Development

Work is inevitable but during work hours, it’s always good to spend some time on research that will enhance my knowledge capacity. I do wonder sometimes, should I wake up earlier if I said time is never enough? Like maybe, waking up at 0430 hours which gives me an additional of 1 hour.


Well, it’s one thing that I really am considering but always remember, waking up and doing nothing is totally equivalent to waking up late! Make the extra effort and results will show, slow but surely! It may take years for me, you or anybody but I will never give up on my dreams, don’t ever give up on your dreams!

Today is absolutely productive for me and I never thought that I would actually enjoy reading and studying (Personal Development), picking up good habits 1 at a time. Have a well deserved rest and let’s hustle for the last day of weekdays!


“It’s not about money or connections. It’s the willingness to outwork and out learn everyone when it comes to your business.”

Mark Cuban