Picking up Good Habits

TGI-Friday everybodehhhhh!

So to be honest, I’m a person that don’t really like reading but guess what? I am slowly picking reading as my hobby. A hobby is something to do during the free time and yes, it’s a great start on picking up Good Habits! It’s Friday, that means more productivity and more work done to allow myself to enjoy the beautiful weekends.

Today is very cooling, rained the whole day and to help boost my productivity, a cup of hot tea is a must! Studied for my test the entire day and after work hours is on Personal Development. Today is a little bit different, since it’s Friday night, I will normally let myself relax and enjoy some Minecraft with my friends, although not every week because time is never enough for me.

I still have tons of bad habits to kick away and one of it is being lazy. You know being lazy is being in your comfort zone, comfortable position and not wanting to be tired. This is where discipline kicks in, there’s nothing that can stop me from being hardworking and working hard for the things that I need!

Following the schedule planned the day before is really useful for me because I’m mentally ready for the next day, it gets me completing almost everything set for the day and it felt really great! Now, it’s time for me to get out of my comfort zone and strive for even greater heights!

Enjoy the weekend ladies and gentlemen! Pick up as many Good Habits as you can and witness the positive change in your life! Let’s do it together! FOCUS!

“The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down.”

Stephen Richards