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Routing & Switching Exam

Less than a day to my exam and today is just a typical day of me studying throughout the entire day. My knowledge to Routing & Switching is very little and I have to work doubly hard for the content to be stored in my brain.

It’s a cooling weather today, had my cup of hot tea and started studying moments later I woke up and when I look at the past test papers, I’m like “I can do this!”. I got to make myself motivated and feel positive about the paper and I CAN DO IT!

Thankful for my family for making delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner almost everyday and that’s the love they gave me to relax myself when I’m feeling stressful. My beautiful girlfriend plays a big part too, supporting me morally and inspiring me to be a better myself! I love you babe, thank you for adding even more colors to my life!

Study hard now before I regret not doing it and there is no room for regrets in life. Let those regrets become a learning point and never repeat those mistakes again! Work hard to achieve the impossible and nothing is impossible! Best of luck to me and let’s conquer it with positive mindset and attitude!

Now, I have to head to bed earlier than usual and do some final revisions! Have a good night rest ladies and gentlemen! FOCUS!

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