I failed the Exam!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Yes as you see from the title, I failed the Routing & Switching exam due to my own careless mistakes! I didn’t connect to the internet properly and caused some answers to be blank and it got submitted as that state and as a result, I failed the exam! There’s only 1 person to blame, ME!

These are a few mistakes that I can learn from and improve myself on! Always check on the network connection before attempting any ONLINE examinations or quizzes and ensure that before hitting on that submit button, check that the connection is still online!

I felt so sad and depressed because of my own stupidity leading to this failure that can be prevented. My girlfriend bought me Starbucks to cheer me up and that just brightens up my day! I am a person that can be cheered up with food or drinks! Yes that’s me and that’s why I’m like a ball sized human.

She told me I did my best that I could and yes I have to admit, I gave my best towards this exam and really gave my all, there’s nothing for me to regret! I am still going to continue learning Routing and Switching because 1 failure, does not simply kick me down forever. It’s a learning curve for me to go up another level higher than I was!


Stay true to the dreams I want to achieve, work harder than before and I am sure with the positive attitude and mindset, there’s nothing that is unachievable! Back to work tomorrow fully focused and let’s make even more productive days out of the remaining days of the week! FOCUS!

Have a good night’s rest ladies and gentlemen!

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“Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude.”

Lou Holtz