Staying Positive and Being Productive

What’s up ladies and gentlemen! Today I will be sharing on how I stay productive and positive throughout the entire day, including hours of myself playing video games like Minecraft. Currently my friend and I are playing Minecraft Tekxit (Official) 3 modpack and we built oil refinery, power plant and a whole lot of awesome stuff that the normal Minecraft didn’t have.

Playing aside, for myself to stay positive and productive, the following is what I did. First thing when I wake up, I will go through with myself the objectives –> goals of the day and do a daily goal review during lunch, dinner and before I head to bed. During lunch and dinner is where I check on my own progress and before bed, it’s where I see if I have achieved the objectives of the day.

  • Make a To-Do list for the day either the night before or the next morning!
  • Remind yourself the purpose of yourself working hard!
  • Listen to Positive motivation in YouTube or read Positive quotes!
  • Know your purpose!
  • Keep your mindset and attitude positive!

During my time in army, my Regimental Sergeant Major taught us 3Ps.

Positive Mindset

Positive Attitude

Positive Results.

With a positive mindset, we will slowly develop positive attitude and with positive mindset and attitude, we will achieve positive results, slowly but surely. Keep working for your dreams and eventually you will achieve it!

Being positive and staying positive will help to increase productivity and that is how I make every day of mine, positive and productive! If you can be the master of your mind and emotions, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Now is never too late to work harder than yesterday! Let’s all be and stay positive together and be even more productive than we were the day before! FOCUS!

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“Let your unique awesomeness and positive energy inspire confidence in others.”