❤️ My Pillar of Support and Motivation ❤️

TGI-Friyay everyone! Circuit breaker is about to come to an end and today I want to specially dedicate this post to my girlfriend! She never stops encouraging me, never stops motivating me and never stops supporting me throughout the entire circuit breaker. Even though we are some distance apart, I can feel her affection, love and care for me. ❤️

She’s a Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician but due to the Circuit Breaker, she is not required to work during this period. During this period, she became my alarm clock, waking me up when she didn’t see my lovely good morning texts to her in the morning – Yes I often oversleep because I love sleeping! Hearing her voice, seeing her first thing in the morning just makes my day so lovely, bright and calm!

There are times that I will feel lazy, don’t feel like doing anything but just lazing the day off, she will motivate me, sending me videos of herself working hard, reading together and doing things together to reach a whole new level of ourselves. She is working hard towards the future and I see no reasons for myself to slack off. That is how I got my motivation as well.

Looking at her makes my heart melt especially when she smiles and hugs the cat plush toy that I got for her from Taiwan. She is so so so so adorable! I love the times where we just video call each other out of no where and discuss about the future, having deep talks and telling each other how the future will look like if we work harder than before.

My beautiful lady here, is also a big fan of Yoga and once I tried Yoga with her, I literally died the next day! My body were so so so sore! Thanks babe for letting me try Yoga! Thank you to my lovely girlfriend for going through the tough times together! I love you babe! ❤️

Focused the whole day working on the final documentations before heading back down to sites for more trouble-shootings and head-cracking issues!

Let us all enjoy the amazing weekend ahead and I’ll see everyone in the next post! FOCUS!

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“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.”

Nicholas Sparks