Cheesy Cheesy 🧀

Welcome back everyone!

Only today then I realize that the oven is my house is actually working! So I decided to try making one of my favorite food to eat – Baked Pasta!

This is my first try of making a baked pasta and it turns out much better than I expected! Pardon me for my photography skills because I’m so so so so so bad at taking photos of food, all of my friends know it.

Towards a good weekend is having good food with my family, enjoying quality time with each other, talking about all sorts of nonsensical stuff, laughing together and most importantly, enjoying the time we have together.

I didn’t wake up early today because I slept at about 2AM last night, trying to think of how I can improve myself on working even harder during the weekends against the weekdays. It’s always the hard work that wins because hard work is equals to giving my best, more than my best towards the things that I do, getting out of my comfort zone! FOCUS!

Woke up around noon, head over to NTUC to get my cheese and unfortunately, they ran out of Mozzarella cheese. Not to worry, I tried using Parmesan cheese and Cheddar cheese and they work brilliantly too! I’m so glad my family loved it!

So thankful that my girlfriend may be making Pizza for me and I can’t wait to eat her freshly made Pizza! Enjoy the weekends everyone and have a good night rest! I’ll see all of you in the next post!

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“Be so happy that, when other people look at you, they become happy too.”