Hello everybody! Circuit Breaker is finally lifted and today is the first day that I have to head back to my office for work and today, is an extremely busy day! Aside of being busy, today is extremely productive as well!

Didn’t sleep well the night before and I had a nightmare which was pretty real but thankfully it’s all just a dream! Headed back to my office and I didn’t know a huge load of work is already headed my way! It’s a good sign!

First thing that I had to do was to troubleshoot a laptop that have gone BLUE SCREEN. Everyone hates Blue Screen of Death a.k.a BSOD!!! After some moments investigating what’s the issue that caused BSOD, it turns out that the registry was corrupted and nothing could be done, not even system restore or reset! So my team had to resort to reformatting the entire laptop. Here comes the worst part, the System Engineers didn’t have the recovery or installation disc…..

Not to worry, Windows have a tool named Media Creation Tool that allows to transform any form of USB into a bootable drive with Windows OS installer within the drive and that saved the day! Next, I had a meeting with my boss and only to be informed that I have new project that I needed to complete within this month and going to details, it’s not that of a simple project.

That is how my day went, absolutely productive and the drive home was awesomely smooth and relaxing! Having Positive Mindset and Positive Attitude really helps to change my day and my perspective towards workload. I may be stressful for a moment, but deep down, I know all these stress will be worthwhile and please remember not to over-stress! Take some breaks, relax for awhile and head back giving 100% after every break!

I hope everyone is doing great at work, be it at office or home and have a good night’s rest and be ready to face the obstacles tomorrow! All of your hard work that is done with Positive Mindset and Positive Attitude will pay off, slowly but surely! We can do this together! FOCUS!

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“In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.”

Dalai Lama