One Step At A Time!

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! How’s the awesome week going so far? Keep the motivation and positive energy level as high as you can and never let it drop! I always like to multitask and always try to attempt everything all at once but then I realized my productivity level dropped!

I stopped multitasking and did everything one step at a time! Focusing on 1 task first and by focus I mean, extreme focus, get the task done before heading to the next task! Through this method, I found my productivity level increasing drastically and not only did it increase, I tend to achieve more objectives set for the day!

Take one step at the time! A few months ago I told myself, it’s either one day or day one and I made a decision at that very moment, it has got to be DAY ONE! I took that very STEP 1! It’s might be a small step in every other person’s eyes but to myself, it’s a big step because this step will be the defining step that will either lead me to my goals, or even better!

Every step along the way has it’s own difficulties and meaning, so never ever give up! If I can overcome the meanest and baddest difficulties of all, there’s nothing that is capable of stopping me from achieving my goals! So ladies and gentlemen, don’t rush things because nothing good ever comes out of being rushed! Take one step at a time!

Finally, today I went to work at a client’s site and the job was to harden one of the server they replaced. In the midst of hardening I was notified that there are still quite an amount of outstanding machines that are yet to be hardened. Although there are still numerous number of tasks, with Positive Mindset and Positive Attitude, the workload pile is gradually reducing!

The week is ending in less than 2 days so let’s complete the week together with maximized Positive Energy and Motivation! Have a good night’s rest and I will see everyone in my next post! FOCUS!

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“Work hard, stay positive, and get up early. It’s the best part of the day.”

George Allen, Sr.