A Beautiful Saturday

Hello everyone, welcome back to my website! Today is a beautiful Saturday! Whipped up a simple dinner for my family and my girlfriend but yet it tasted so delicate! In just a short while I will share with all of you what I whipped up today!

I slept a little late the night before and thus, I wasn’t able to wake up as early as I should be today. I woke up to my beautiful girlfriend’s good morning messages and I did some reading before I started cooking for the family. Today it’s the only day that I am free to cook for my family after the Circuit Breaker is lifted because the other days are spent working in client sites or my own office.

So the first dish that I made was mostly for my personal craving! FRENCH FRIES!

The fries is seasoned with Oregano, Basil, Salt and Black Pepper! Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside!

Next, it’s a dish that I experimented a few months ago and it turns out refreshing and tasty! Lemon Glazed Spaghetti!

Spaghetti Stir Fried with Lemon Syrup mixed with Water, seasoned with Oregano, Basil, Mushroom Seasoning, a little splash of Sesame Oil, Butter and Black Pepper! Most importantly, for food to taste even better, it has to be cooked with LOVE!

It has been awhile since my girlfriend tasted my cooking, thus I delivered the food to her and the look on her face when she tasted it melted me wholeheartedly! Yes and that is food that is cooked with love! Continued on Personal Development and had dinner with my Family and all of them enjoyed the refreshing spaghetti too! This is what makes me smile, happy and this is what makes the day beautiful!

Since it’s a Saturday, after finishing long hours of Personal Development, I’m going to head off, relax myself and play some Minecraft with my childhood friend and continue on my Personal Development! Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone and I’ll see you guys and ladies in my next post! Stay Positive and Stay Healthy!


“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Lao Tzu