A Cure for Stress!

Welcome back everyone! It’s a great start to the week! I woke up in the morning around 530AM and started my day off! I am trying to gain as much knowledge as I can and I made it this way that every week, I will learn something new and this week, it’s Python!

I know it’s not that easy to learn every thing in a week but I’m trying out new methods every month, in time to come, I will reveal the several methods that I’ve tried and I will list down which is the most effective method that I found to gain new knowledge. Stay tuned everyone!

Today is a rather stressful day at work for me because I have more than 50 Firewalls to configure, harden and my colleague isn’t that familiar with the configurations and hardening. In addition to that, I have an issue with McAfee Linux and for the whole day, it’s just troubleshooting and I finally found the cause of the issue! That only happened because my colleagues believed in me and my beloved girlfriend believed in me!

How I go about troubleshooting is listing all the possible causes, analyze the causes and striking off those that I have tried before. This way I won’t be repeating methods that I have already tried. Along with Faith from colleagues, my beautiful girlfriend, Positive Mindset and Positive Attitude, I found the cause!

On my way home, I noticed something different today that totally brought my stress away. It’s the sight of a beautiful sunset and the smile of my parents when I got home. I felt so warmth deep down in my heart and the sunset made it even soother!

Sunset photo taken by my iPhone 8+ at my house downstairs.

The sky is so beautiful that I totally forgot about my stress for today! Nature is 1 of the best cures for stress and the best method to relax our mind and calm our soul. Try it! When you feel stressful and having some difficulties, head over to seaside (only after Singapore Government allows) and just listen to the sound of the waves. Close your eyes and just listen to it, I felt extremely peaceful and absolutely forgot about the troubles I’m having.

Today is a wonderful start towards the week and let’s not make the efforts go to waste! Continue working hard, giving our best for everything and soon the results will show! When you feel stress, take a look at the beautiful Nature out there! Stay safe, stay healthy and stay positive!

Have a good rest and I’ll see everyone in my next post! FOCUS!

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“Your smile will give you a positive countenance that will make people feel comfortable around you.”

Les Brown