Make Everyday, The BEST Day

Welcome back and a very good day to all the readers out there! I woke up early feeling extremely exhausted but I managed to force myself up because I am, and I will do my best to make everyday, the best day for me! There’s only do or do not, there isn’t any space for TRY! The time to focus starts the moment I washed up and all the way till the 8AM where I left house, to office for work.

I had to change the host name of the server because my colleague and I realized that we were actually using the wrong server and the wrong naming convention. Initially I thought changing host name will not affect the applications but I ended up re-installing the applications. All of these work made my day in office so productive that I didn’t even manage to keep track of the time!

I was working on deploying some agents to client servers and it was successful except that I can’t deploy to my local server, the one I’m using to deploy the agents. Troubleshooted for quite some time and tried all possible solutions regarding access rights but none of them worked. You know it’s frustrating when you know you’re so near to the result but somehow you’re stuck just right in front of it.


Turns out I missed out 1 component in the registry and after I tried that, everything worked perfectly! I felt the sense of achievement at that moment because not only was I able to reach the end result, I didn’t give up and I didn’t take any shortcuts to solve the problem. The easy way out was to just install the agent manually on the local server.

Headed home and after my workout, I felt very satisfied because I have successfully made today, another best day for myself! Sometimes I will have deep thoughts with myself, how do I turn a bad day, into a day where nothing is actually bad but in fact, the best? Eventually I realized, it’s all in my mindset. As long as I have in me, Positive Mindset and Positive Attitude, the results will also be Positive!

Focus on the things that are in front of me, gaining as much knowledge as I can for the day and keep planning for the future is like stacking 1 coin everyday. Soon enough, with the necessary actions taken to achieve the goals and dreams, the stack of coin will be limitless. As high as it goes, the sky is the limit!

Let’s all make everyday, the best day for ourselves and inspire the people around you that they can too, make each day the best day for them! Have a good night’s rest and I’ll see everyone in my MID-WEEK post!

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“Success is to wake up each morning and consciously decide that today will be the best day of your life.”

Ken Poirot