Learning Never Stops!

Welcome back everyone! Happy Mid-Week! Today is another awesome day filled with inspiring stories of colleagues and knowledge building. I woke up later than usual and headed straight to office to continue working on the servers. Throughout, I went over to another office to assist my colleague on McAfee and this time, new issues to explore!

Learning never stops for me even though some of the issues are just minor issues. Slow learning is always better not learning! Ended up didn’t manage to accomplish any deployment at the other office because we lacked of some information from the System Engineers. Headed back to our main office, had an awesome lunch while cracking my head thinking of the issues of deploying McAfee products into the hardened Linux servers of our System Engineers.

My colleague and I suspect that it’s some of the default ports by McAfee that clashed with their vendor’s use of ports and so here comes the bigger problem. I re-installed ePolicy Orchestrator, restarted my server and my display adapter went missing, leaving only the basic display adapter. I did all possible ways of trying to restore but to no avail and I ended up having the need to reset or reformat it.

Fortunately for me, I had to configure RAID and unfortunately for me, I can’t find the installer CD anywhere. That’s where my day at work ended and I can only continue on Friday because tomorrow, I’ll be heading to another location! My day was absolutely productive and amazing with so many challenges and mysteries to solve! Never stop learning and never give up!

I hope the week has been going on strong, positive and miraculous for everyone and let’s keep it that way and finish off the week on a high note! You’ll only learn when you screw something up, made a mistake and at the end, you fixed the screw up and mistake yourself.It’s time for more deep learning for me, have a good night’s rest everyone and I’ll see everyone in my next post! FOCUS!

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“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.”

B.B. King