Stay Committed!

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen and today, I’m going to share about how I stay committed to my journey towards my desired goals and success! Feel free to give your insights and I’m sure we have so much to learn from each other! It’s all about learning and improving along the way with endless flow of Positive energy to our mindset and attitude!


First way to be committed is to be objective oriented, listing down To-Do lists for each day, everyday. Listing down the objectives of the day not only reminds you that you are on the right track, continuing on the journey and facing adversities ahead of you, it’s also a reminder that you have a purpose doing all of the tasks that you’ve set for yourself to accomplish.

Yes that purpose is to achieve success and the goals you’ve set to achieve!


Second way that I am still making major commitments in my journey is having absolute zero distractions. Having distractions such as YouTube videos, Facebook or any form of social media will have a major impact on the progress of improving yourself and your progress toward your goals.

It’ll slow you down and in fact bring you further away from your destination. Limit the distractions, as much as you can and only allow some room for distractions that will boost you along in your own journey.

If you’re being distracted by TVs, Computers or mobile devices, this is where discipline kicks in. 90% of the time where I’m doing serious work I will keep my phone in silent mode and let my girlfriend know that I will be doing some deep work and will only reply her when I’m done.

We’re both practicing this method to increase our productivity to maximum with minimum distractions! Nowadays we are working with or from technology and there’s no escape from the internet. How to have zero distractions when I’m doing work with my computer? Look at the first point “Be Objective Oriented”. Finish your tasks and you can proceed on with other stuff! Say no to distractions!


Now this, ladies and gentlemen, is the most important thing that kept me staying throughout my entire journey that is filled with endless adversities. It’s challenging and tough but keep in mind, nothing worthy comes easy! Picture yourself in the future and in the future, you have achieved every goals that you’ve set.

This image in your mind will be a good source of motivation for you to keep and stay committed throughout the ups and downs in your journey. Picturing yourself in the future is also allowing your mind to practice the habits that you will be making in the future, right from the time you pictured who you will be.

However, everything will only come into plan, when the necessary actions are taken. So keep dreaming but doing nothing is nothing compared to keep dreaming and start doing. It’s either one day or day one! Action speaks louder than your words and imagination.

To my beloved readers, let’s keep up our Positive Mindset and Positive Attitude that we’ve sustained throughout this week and let’s keep working towards our goals and achieve the greatest success we can ever achieve. Let’s stay committed to our goals!

With that I’ll see everyone in the next post!

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Motivation is what gets you started, Commitment is what keeps you going.

Jim Rohn