Weekends made Worthwhile!

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! In a few hours time the clock will reset the week for us and it’s back to the fully focused working week! No matter how bad the weekends are, we still got to move on! How good or bad your weekends are, solely depends on you. You are the only person that can either create or change your weekends!

Today I did woke up a little later than usual and I surprised my girlfriend with home-cooked Mee Siam and, Fried Portobello Mushrooms and a cup or Oreo Crush. It totally warmth my heart when I see her smile when she took a bite of the Mushroom.

Since today is Family day, I reached home and finally I saw my beloved brother and sister-in-law and I must say, his hair grew so much longer that I almost started to think he’s another person. I missed him so much and I finally get to see him, we laughed so hard and we talked like we didn’t talked for years! Although I didn’t say this much to his face, close to none, I love you bro. ❤️

Whipped up dinner for the family and unfortunately I forgot to snap some images to share it here. This, my fellow readers, are quality time spent together with my loved ones and they are what makes the weekend worthwhile!

Make full use of the weekends to spend the time with your loved ones, pamper them with your tender loving care and it’ll be the best times you will have with them. Replenish your positive energy, set work aside and enjoy the time together with your loved ones!

We are the ones that can create the best memories together with our loved ones and no one else can ever do that in place of us! Don’t let the opportunity go to waste and never ever neglect your loved ones!

Let’s head into a brand new week and fight like a fearless, brave warrior together! Make the weekdays worthwhile as well! Set weekly goals to achieve and work towards the goals that we’ve set and it’s time to FOCUS!

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“We can change our lives. We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish.”

Tony Robbins