Level Up!

Welcome back everyone! Today is a beautiful day isn’t it? With phase 1 coming to the end in less than a few hours, phase 2 will kick in and please continue to be safe. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

If you ever think about life and find that life is always being tough and harsh on you, how about you think of it this way? Life thinks that you’re at the level where you can face and take on bigger roles and responsibilities and kept on preparing you by throwing you into situations that are harder than those you’ve faced before.

Think positively, the higher the level you get to, the bigger and the heavier the responsibility is. Life didn’t get tough but you did! Each time you got knocked down and came back up, remember that you are at the next level in your life and you didn’t fail. You only failed when you get knocked down and never got back up!


Change your mindset and the change that you made will change the way you perceive life and the challenges it throws to you. Going through all the tough times is harsh but if you can make the best out of those tough times, it will be the defining moments and the moments you’ll expect least! Tough times don’t last but tough people do! Never give up when you’re thrown into a challenge that you know nothing of!

The feeling is so much better overcoming an obstacle that you’re a complete stranger to than an obstacle that you’ve already overcome over and over. Level up your mindset and you’ll start to see things differently. Level up your standards and you’ll start to see better results. Level up every aspect in your life and you will become the best of your league.

The opponent that will always be standing right in front of you will never be your family, loved ones, friends and colleagues. The opponent that will always be knocking you down, pulling you backwards and crushing you hard, is yourself. You are the only one that can defeat yourself to move on to a destination you truly deserve! Keep fighting and keep leveling up yourself!

Just today I have been thrown into a challenge of configuring a server of different model and it’s a complete stranger to me. With the help of some exploration and of course, not screwing the entire server up, I was able to successfully configure, deploy the OS and completed 90% of server hardening.

I’m only left with a certain settings that are missing and I’m done with the server. The thing is, believe that you can do it and eventually, you will complete it! Always keep a positive mindset and positive attitude! The more tasks you do, the more knowledge you gain and the higher level you will reach!

It wouldn’t be called life if it doesn’t encompass a huge amount of ups and downs! Life will never be fair but it’s all up to you to make your life fair to yourself! It’s the last day of the work week tomorrow and let’s make it the best out of the best days together! FOCUS!

“Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.”

Robert Kiyosaki