Fulfilling Week Achieved!


Hello everyone! Welcome back! Another week has come and gone and have you made the week a fulfilling one for you? Mine was absolutely amazing, productive and fulfilling!

Going through the week that you gave in 300% is absolutely exhausting but it’s definitely worthwhile! During the start of the week, the progress of my team’s work is near to zero because of some minor technical issues. At the end of the week, our progress is near 80%!

Some of the issues that we can’t resolve earlier is all resolved now and during the week I managed to even learn new stuff. Everyday is about learning new stuff right? Picking up new skills and knowledge and improving to be a better person for the best future we could get.

Initially I never thought that the week will be so tiring, running around certain places to configure certain software and configurations but having positive mindset and attitude changes the game! Instead of feeling tired, I felt motivated and challenged to complete it before the week ends and after 5 days of hard work, I completed 80% of it!

After a day of fully concentrated hard work, it’s time to cook a meal that will satisfy the tummy to reward and to motivate myself to continue working hard in the weekends! So I made some Baked Pasta for my dad and myself and some Honeydews and Rock Melons.

Ended off the night with a short session of Minecraft to relax myself and a catch up session with my childhood friend! Time to dive into deep night work and have the best weekends ever!

Enjoy the lovely weekends and let’s make the weekends as fulfilling as the weekdays! Please continue to stay safe and continue being a positive thinker and doer! FIGHTING!

“I’m a very positive thinker, and I think that is what helps me the most in difficult moments.”

Roger Federer