Lovey Dovey Saturday!

Welcome to the lovely weekends everyone! Today I am extremely happy and blessed because not only I can cook for my Family and Girlfriend as usual on Saturdays, I finally got to meet my girlfriend after 2 months! These 2 months have been video calls and sending each other virtual hugs and kisses but now that it’s finally phase 2, we can finally meet each other!

Her smile is still as beautiful as always and never fails to mesmerize me and attract me even more. She is simply gorgeous! On the menu today is something that I’ve never tried before and it’s my first try today and I’m so glad that it turns out extremely tasty!

First on the menu is Corn Soup, stir frying the corn kernels till they’re fragrant and blending them till they’re like a smooth paste. After blending, it’s time to season it with Oregano, Basil leaves, Black Pepper, a little nob of butter, mushroom seasoning and the key ingredient, LOVE.

Corn Soup

Next up, this is a dish that I have never tried making before and it turns out pleasantly refreshing and fragrant! Mango Flavored Spaghetti topped with stir fried mixed vegetables!

Mango Flavored Spaghetti with Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables

That’s the menu for dinner tonight and I’m so glad that my family and girlfriend loved it! As usual, seeing them smile while eating the food that I cook is really heart soothing! Food will always taste right when it’s handled with care and cooked with love!

Quality time spent together and love is once again in the air! Tomorrow is Father’s day, take some time out and spend it with your family and make the day the best for your Father. Have a wonderful Saturday night and I’ll see everyone in my next post!

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.

Audrey Hepburn