🔥 Throw All Distractions! Bring In Focus! 🔥


Time doesn’t wait for anyone and it’s almost the end of Monday! Tell me that you’ve cleared your Monday Blues with high level of motivation, positive energy and an extraordinary amount of hard work. No matter how tired you are, get back up and whack everything out of the week. The week is yours to control!

I had an amazing and exhausting Monday and it ended up causing myself to be so forgetful, leaving my laptop charger in office. It’s Monday and everyone is feeling the Monday Blues after a great weekend of celebrating Father’s day isn’t it? I got to admit I was distracted by my phone in the afternoon and I was totally off-track for awhile.

There is 1 thing that we have to do and we must do, throw all distractions away! Distractions are here to stop us from moving forward towards our goals and dreams and the success that we always wanted and needed. Don’t let it occupy your mind and heart and definitely don’t let distractions control you on the path that you went onboard strong.

I did realized that I’ve wasted quite some time watching Facebook videos, immediately brought myself back up and headed back on track. The focus level was so high that I didn’t even realize how fast the time zoomed past me. Just a moment ago it was like 3:20PM but after some deep focus hard work, it’s already 6:30PM.

Throughout the entire drive home, I thought to myself, I have to let all the readers out there know that distractions are the main things that stopping us from achieving what we actually could despite knowing that people out there already know so much more than me. Then I remembered that my blog is about being positive, staying positive and inspiring people around me and I’ve made it a point that I will write a post on throwing away distractions.

Facebook videos and any form of social media, though are considered to be major distractions, it can also be a form of relaxation for our minds after stressful day at work or meetings. Never spend more than 15 minutes on your entertainments or you’ll find that you are entirely engrossed in your devices without realizing.

Your day will be so much more productive and positive when the time spent on your phone is less than the time spent on hard work. The harder we work, the more focus we put in today, the more our dreams, goals and success will come true. Slowly but surely!

Let’s slowly throw the distractions of our lives out and produce a life that encompasses deeper meanings, spreading positive energy every where and keep working hard for the goals, dreams and success that everyone of us desire! Have a good rest and I’ll see everyone in the next post! Stay safe, stay healthy and stay positive!

β€œThe true measure of success is how many times you can bounce back from failure.”

Stephen Richards