You Paint Your Own Life 🎨


Welcome back everyone! First of all I want to thank everyone for taking some time out to read my posts and I hope my posts are doing it’s part inspiring and motivating everyone! You know, life can be harsh, it can be black and white, so dull and boring but all of us, including myself can make it vibrant and interesting.

How? Be your own life’s artist. First of all you have to add your own colors to a world that you perceive as black and white. By adding different colors, you are adding different meanings to different areas of your life. By gaining knowledge, you are adding another set of colors to another area of your life. You are your own life’s artist!

Close your eyes, imagine your life in a picture frame, currently it’s black and white in color and has absolutely no meaning to it. Slowly, add in the meanings into the picture frame and you’ll start to see, more colors are being added and eventually, it will be an absolutely beautiful piece of art. A masterpiece created by the very own hands of yours.

This is where it gets interesting, the more colors you add to your life, you will slowly find that people around you will start to be influenced by you and they too, will add colors to their life and your life. The others are only capable of adding colors to your life only when you have added colors to yours.

Now let’s apply it in real life situation. When you are faced with a day that you have absolutely nothing to do, it sounds like the picture frame that has no colors in it right? So why waste time continuing on nothing when you can proceed to do things that are meaningful and tasks that will add colors to the picture frame, making the time that you have nothing to do, productive and positive!

The day was well spent today, doing work-related researches and preparing for the next 3 days of work, topped with Personal Development after work hours. I have put in my best effort and hard work in making today awesome for me, have you? If I can do it, you can do it too! Remember, blood, sweat and respect, the first two we give and the last one we earn. Thank you Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for this inspiring and motivating statement!

Have a good night’s rest and let’s head into Mid-Week together with 120% Positive Energy, motivation and productivity! FOCUS! Add colors into your life constantly and never ever give up!

You have to be the one that starts adding colors to your life, for it to be even more vibrant and interesting.

Perry Soh