Be Outstanding!


Our world is all about being consistent, standardized and everyone is getting a job, doing the same thing that another person is doing. Why be normal when you can be outstanding and special? You are the only person that can make yourself, outstanding!

Welcome back to my blog and it’s another awesome day that has come and gone and it’s another day to Friday, a day that every person looks forward to. Today I had an awesome lunch with an ex-colleague that I look up to and he is someone that I absolutely look up to.

The quality of his work is top notch and it’s so amazing that I am inspired to constantly improve myself, to deliver works that has his quality equivalent! It’s been a long time since we met after his departure from our company and it’s an awesome catch up session!

In our lives, being average is normal and being normal is definitely normal. We are born to be special, to be the someone that everyone else look up to, to be a role model for our next generation and to be someone that is filled with endless charisma.

Be an outstanding leader, be a charismatic leader that lead the team towards personal growth, greater success and lead the team to always give out 100% of their potential. Be that leader that everyone wants to follow and be with!

Nothing can stop us from achieving the goals that we desire because each of us is a leader! I am continuously working so hard to be a charismatic leader, continuously giving my best every day towards everything and continuously being positive around my peers, colleagues and even bosses.

Be so outstanding that your competitors, peers and colleagues look up to and be a charismatic leader that they can speak up to as well! Most importantly, we have to start to be positive, change our mindset and attitude and eventually, slowly but surely we will be outstanding.

Let’s keep working hard towards the end of the week, give it our best and then enjoy the weekends building on Personal Development! Have a good rest and I’ll see everyone in my next post!

Be so charismatic that your future is attracted to you.

Perry Soh