Take The First Step!

Hello everyone! I apologize because some Friday nights I will be spending time playing 🏀 and catching up with my buddies. So, some nights I will post a little later!

It’s the end of the week and how’s the week going for everyone? FANTASTIC it will be and the only answer that you’re allowed to tell yourself, even if the week is not productive or not positive as you have expected to be, the week is still positive and fantastic!

You have to take the first step in everything, even those things that you are about to start. Everything starts off with the first step! I’m so glad that I had some time off to catch up with my buddies and the game of basketball is so amazing!

Although my thighs and arms are in a devastated state due to not playing vigorous basketball for a long long time. It’s a sign that I am growing and I will come back stronger than who I was today!

It’s also amazing that my buddies are always having conversations of being successful, their dreams in the future and the actions they are taking towards their dreams and success. That is the first step they took! You, too can take the first step too!

I ended off my week in a high note and I hope you ended yours in a high note too! Have a well deserved rest and let’s dive into our Personal Development weekends!

All you have to do is start and take the very first step.

Perry Soh