You Are Your Own Light Source! ☀️

The Sun still rises, no matter how dark the sky is, providing the entire world the light it needed. Be like a Sun, rise up when the days are the darkest and be the light to guide yourself towards your dreams, goals and ultimately, success!

No matter how your day goes, be it being the worst or the best, the Sun still rises, giving you the light you need, being your source of energy, everyday without fail. Not once did we see the Sun decided to take an off day and rest.

You can be your very own source of energy! In another form of expressing, be your own Sun. No matter how good or how bad you day is, always ensure that you are not affected by the darkness within you, be the light, guide yourself and continue moving forward! A bad day doesn’t mean a bad week or a bad month or a bad year.

In fact, your day will only get worst if you are the one that allowed it to be bad in the first place. Twitch your mindset, let the bad moment be with you for a maximum of 5 minutes, feed yourself with loads of Positive vibes, you’ll see the changes.


Your day will not only be better, but you will feel more energized to fight through every single obstacles and survive all the tough times thrown to you. If I can do it, all of you will do it better than me!

A splendid way for me to start off my weekends is to inspire all of my readers and people around me with Positive energy and motivation. My thigh muscles are definitely growing because I am having difficulty walking and squatting after yesterday’s basketball game.

Let’s have a beautiful and splendid weekends together, spending it with your loved ones and make every weekends or rather, every day, the best weekdays or weekends you will ever have. Have a good rest and I’ll see everyone in my next post!

Never let a negative moment decide how your Day, Week, Month or Year will be.

Perry Soh