Quality Family Time! 🥰


What matters the most, gave you the support you needed and was always there by your side no matter what? Some may say real friends, lovers and even pets but deep down, every single one of us know it’s something else.




Yes ladies and gentlemen, if you haven’t realize, your Family are the ones that are always rooting for you, giving you the support you need and being there for you. Minority of the population have families that aren’t as sweet as they supposed to be but let that be a learning journey.

Why do I say that? When all of us grow up, you will eventually have your own Family and you definitely do not want your next generation to experience what you experienced before. Take that as a learning journey for yourself as a reminder not to repeat those mistakes that have been made before!

We want to give our Family the best life that we could ever have, providing our aging parents with the love they provided us when we first came into this world. Be positive, what you experienced before is a lesson that is only meant for you, not your next generation and definitely not the people around you!

Everything that happened to us in our lives, is meant to happen for us to grow, for us to break our limits and for us to learn.

One thing that I love the most is spending time with my Family on beautiful Sundays. It’s the time of the week where we gather together at my house for lunch, dinner and we’ll just catch each other up. Quality time spent with my Family and my girlfriend is the best memories that I can ever ask for.

My Dad whipped up Vegetarian Nasi Lemak for today’s Lunch and it is super delicious! My father always teach my brother and I since young, that whenever we cook a meal for someone else, we have to pour in 120% of our love from the deepest of our heart. Today, we felt yet another day of our Father’s love in his food.

I usually spend Sundays with my Family, dining in together, talking together and laughing together. Sunday mornings and late evenings are the period where I focus fully on Personal Development! Hustling never stops even on weekends and I look forward to starting a brand new week with all of you.

Let’s prepare for a brand new week together, set our goals for the week and let’s achieve them together! Stay positive, stay safe, stay hydrated and continue giving your endless love to your Family. Have a good rest and let’s head into a brand new week together!

The best time to spend with is your loved ones and your Family.

Perry Soh