Focus On Your Own Obstacles! 💪🏼

Life is full of ups and downs, if not it wouldn’t be called life right? In our entire journey, every single one of us have faced our very own battles and that’s the more of the reason why we should only focus on our own obstacles and the ones that are right in front of us!

Welcome back to another day of my beautiful and fantastic life where I share about my daily experiences and inspirations in hopes to inspire anyone that read my posts.

It’s back to Mondays and we got to start to learn loving Mondays instead of feeling the blues. Mondays are usually the day we head back to our main hustle, the work we love to do and from what I think, it’s the start of a brand new week for me to overcome any obstacles that is right in front of me.

I have been tasked to start on and finish up Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Report consolidation between all of my sub-systems and this is one big obstacle for me to overcome. Be positive, stay positive and always be motivated and I believe I will complete my first obstacle in no time.

Always believe in yourself that you can do the impossible and have faith! No matter how difficult you think the challenge or task are, accept it first and learn how to do it next. So ladies and gentlemen, if you are not looking forward to Mondays during the weekends, you’re probably not at a job you are loving to do, it’s time to make a change!

Overcome the very obstacle in front of you, change yourself for the better future of yours, yes the roads will be tough and challenging but no, you will never give up and never stop. One fine day, you will realize that you are at the top. The destination will be so beautiful!

Only you can overcome your own obstacle, not your family, friends, colleagues or bosses, only you. Keep working hard towards your goals, breaking your limits which are one of your main obstacles in life and strive to be the best version that you can!

Let’s learn from the mistakes we’ve made today and never make it again tomorrow! Write your own schedule out and try your best to stick to it and you’ll see that your productivity level will be boosted! Have a good rest and I’ll see everyone in my next post! Fighting!


Only you can crush your obstacles and reach your desired destination.

Perry Soh