Beautiful Sunset! 🌇

Our life can be as beautiful as the sunset and as glamorous as the sunrise. We, as people living on earth too can be that sunset and sunrise that brings smile and happiness to the people around us. This is how we go about being that sunset or sunrise to the people around us. Now, do me a favor and just smile!

Having a bad day? A smile is all it takes to bring you back to that good day you were experiencing before. Feeling tired? A smile is all it takes to bring you the energy you need. Feeling happy? Keep smiling so that you’ll bring happiness and spread happiness to the people around you.

The most contagious action in our world, is smiling. A smile can be the sunrise or sunset that brings joy to people. A simple gesture of smiling can even light up someone else’s day!


Feeling the fatigue already piling up, I went back to office to continue troubleshooting on a few servers and headed back to continue finishing on the VAPT report that I was previously working on. The report is tedious, challenging and almost impossible to … just kidding! Nothing is impossible remember?

So long as you maintain positive attitude and positive mindset, I am sure you will find the simplest solution to solve the most tedious task assigned to you. If you really can’t find any solution, look outside your window and just stare at the nature for a while, look up to the sky and relax your mind.

Calm yourself down, go for an evening jog like I did and just look up to the sky, enjoy the beautiful calming scenery, fluffy clouds and beautiful sunset. Nature will calm you down and your brain will function twice as much as it has previously!

Noticed how the sunset or sunrise can make you feel so calm and relaxed? Be the sunset or sunrise! Bring life to people around you, bring joy to people around you and make the people around you, smile!

Be beautiful at heart! Fill your heart with endless sunset and sunrise, fill it with beautiful scenery, positive actions, positive words and positive feelings! Everything around you will start to change and how beautiful you are, will be reflected!

Now that we’re hyped up, let’s be that brightest sunrise and sunset and bring as much joy as we can to the people around us! Let’s head into the mid-week together! FOCUS!

How beautiful a person is, is reflected in the heart.

Perry Soh