Love and Elevate! 😍

Welcome back to another episode of my daily life experience and today it’s the day 191/365! More than half of a year have already zoomed past us and it’s our duty to make the next half way better than the first! An absolutely beautiful and amazing Mid-Week because my partner whipped up a western cuisine today!

Words just cannot describe how much I love her cooking, like I have mentioned before, food that is prepared by love will never taste bad! In a short while I will show you guys what we had for dinner before we head to workout!

Before that, I have put up some photos that I’ve taken for sale on Fine Art America and do check it out here to take out some time to appreciate a little art piece of mine!

Fine Art America – Perry Soh

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your support! I deeply appreciate it!

Back to the special dinner that my partner prepared, as this was her first time making spaghetti, she wasn’t sure of how it should taste but all I can say is, I tasted love within it.

After a good dinner comes the intensive workout, my thighs are feeling it again! Worked-out for a good 2 hours straight and it is absolutely satisfying! It’s the tough road to attain solid rock body, challenging but worth it!

This is us after a solid 2 hour workout session!

We got to love and at the same time, elevate ourselves! Make our life so meaningful now for us to enjoy later. Work hard now, suffer now, sacrifice now and enjoy the most of it when you have attained your success!


A big big thank you to my beautiful baby for the wonderful and amazing dinner and I can’t wait to eat the good food that you prepare again! Let’s dive straight into the final day of the week as Friday is polling day for Singaporeans and let’s give it the best that we can! Have a good rest and stay tuned for the next post!

Do all the hard work now and celebrate the achievements later.

Perry Soh