Stand Above Adversities! ⚔️


Our greatest limits that blocks us from achieving anything we desire in life, is ourselves. Nothing but anything negative is just an illusion that we create from within ourselves. Remove negativity from within and create a life that is full of positive energy, then strive for the best!

Welcome back to another episode of my daily life and today is yet another amazing day! I drat doing reports but maintaining positive mindset and positive attitude, really brings myself to my chair in front of my computer screen and making things work!

Everything will begin to fall in place when you make the decision that you will stand above every adversities that you faced and not within or around. Standing above the adversities allow you to look at the problem from a bigger perspective and it also allows you to find more than 1 solution for the problems faced.

When life throws you down 3 levels, get up on your feet and move 4 levels up. That is how you elevate yourself, bring yourself back to where you were last defeated and break through any limits stopping you along the way.

Nothing stands in your way, the only major adversity, obstacle or limit that always, always break you apart, stop you from achieving your goal is the negative version of yourself within you. Find a way to overcome the negative version of yourself!

Let’s conquer the end of the week, removing the negative version of ourselves and stand on top of all of our adversities! FOCUS!

The only person that can defeat myself is, me.

Perry Soh