Do The Things You Love! ❤️


Welcome back to another TGIF where the week is absolutely fulfilling and amazing! How’s the week going for everyone? The answer that you should have in mind is “FANTASTIC!” even if it’s not as fantastic as it should be!

Doing the things you love, will boost yourself to release your potential to the maximum of 100% and even more! We have to always look forward to the next day because it’s another day that we have time to do things we love!

For me, I love drawing but I have since stopped after my secondary school days and I am proud to say that I will be continuing this love for art, both on paper and digital! Digital art is something that I have recently picked up and I am extremely excited to continue drawing during my free time!

Forgive me but my art is really bad and I love drawing! So here’s 1 sketch that I’ve made in the past.

In time to come, I will be posting videos on digital drawings and on paper and do give it a thumbs up and comment on how I should improve on drawing. Stay tuned!

Now that the weekends are here, let’s dive into Personal Development and make the weekends yet another best one that we have in our life! The learning and hustle never stops and keep doing the things you love! FIGHTING!

Do the things you love, start now before it’s too late.

Perry Soh