You Are Not Alone! 🔥

Welcome back everyone! The first day of the week and anybody feeling the vibes that you want to end this week already? You are not alone my dear friends! Feeling blues at the start of the week is extremely normal, I do feel Monday blues too! It’s not about how we start the day or week, it’s always about how we end it! šŸ”„

No matter how bad your day is today, always look at the bright side! It’s a cooling weather isn’t it? It’s a beautiful day isn’t it? Of course it is! Today is your day! Today is your day that you started making it fantastic! Repeat this process everyday and you’ll see, every day that passed by you is absolutely fantastic!


A cooling weather, a cup of hot tea and off I go to continue on my reports. You might be thinking, “Doing reports and documentations are so boring, I’m learning nothing at all!” right? You’re right yet wrong! Doing reports and all sorts of documents are one of the ways that you can learn things faster than anybody!

While doing a certain report or document, you are actually learning something, just don’t do it blindly! Every paragraph, sentence, word contain its very own meaning. Be the master of the report or document and eventually you will be the master of the certain product or system.

I’m not saying you should take up all documentation work, only take up those that are relevant to you. You can do it! Make today, the day number 1 that you started off doing what you love and do less of what you hate.

Nothing is more important than doing what you love, especially when you’re doing something absolutely not relevant to you and your field of expertise. If one certain day, you have the thoughts of giving up, please look around you and remind yourself, you are not alone! Never give up on your dreams and never, ever give up on yourself!

You will only be alone, when you start thinking like how the top 1% did.

Perry Soh