Never Lose Focus! 🏆

Nothing will ever be impossible, it’s the matter of our mindset and attitude that will lead to the desirable outcome! If we hold negative mindset and attitude, it will never be possible but nevertheless, if we hold positive mindset and attitude, nothing will ever be impossible!

Nobody is limiting ourselves to unleash our full potential and nobody can stop us from doing the things we love! The only limit that we have, that are constantly pulling us back is ourselves. Everyday, we will have different limits, it is solely our duty to break those unwanted limits and grow. No one else can do it for us!

All we have to do is focus on being positive towards everything, create and boost your own productivity level and always give your very best! No matter how badly you are treated, how many times you got sabotaged to do things that you are not suppose to do, give it your best shot. The results will show eventually, slowly but surely.

At first when I started doing my reports, I opened up the files and was like, “How on Earth am I going to finish all these?!”. As a result, that mindset got me procrastinating, thinking I will never finish at all! BAM! In a splash moment, I got rid of this negative mindset and thought to myself, “I am the master of my mind, I can do it!”. Miraculously, I found myself brushing through the reports with little to no procrastination.

Never lose focus on the things you are currently tasked on. The moment you lose your focus, your productivity level will start to decline and will never rise back up. UNLESS, you pick yourself up real fast and get focused again!

Headed over to my beautiful girlfriend’s house after my work ends for dinner and we are supposed to be working out together but it rained so heavily that we ended up chatting about Personal Development and playing some card games. My heart beats faster than usual every time that I see her. She is just so mesmerizing!

Half the week is gone and I hope it has been well for everyone! Please stay safe and take good care of yourselves! Let’s finish up the week maximizing the time we have and using the time that was given to us everyday to the fullest! Stay positive and I’ll see everyone in my next post!

Think Positive, Stay Positive, Be Positive.

Perry Soh