Never Get Too Comfortable!

Never get too comfortable in anything you’re doing unless it’s something you love and it’s bringing you Positive energy, motivation and success!

Welcome back everyone! It has been a wonderful and fantastic week so far hasn’t it? It’s up to you to make it fantastic and not me! How your week has been is beyond my control! How you want your week to be is all up to you!

As much as you want it to be awesome, never get too comfortable with it. For being too comfortable will bring you nothing but poverty. Why is that so? Just imagine doing something that does not add meaning to your life and you’re feeling so comfortable with it. Snap out of it and get out of the comfort zone! That’s where we grow! Getting out of comfort zone means doing things that we never did before, doing things that we are not used to do and doing things that makes us feel challenged.

All these out of your comfort zone’s task will make you grow faster than those staying in their comfort zone, doing absolutely nothing about it! Be outstanding and go ahead and grab your own success! You can only start when you take a step out of your comfort zone! Let’s go!

Had an awesome catch up lunch session with my childhood friend and I’m so glad I am able to give him some advice and motivation along the way! It has been an incredible journey for him and right now he’s looking for new opportunities. We are all residing in Singapore and if any of you have any opportunities, you can hit me up for his resume!

Even though I just met my girlfriend yesterday, I missed her already. With that, I decided to surprise her, giving her a surprise call during her break time and told her I will be fetching her from work. I felt so delighted when I see her and my mood went from exhausted and bored to energetic and motivated! She is and will always be one of my motivation source!

I hope the week has been fantastic and awesome for everyone and let’s continue to work towards our goals and success! Ultimately, we have to take a step out of our comfort zone and break through all of our limits! Have a good rest and let’s complete the week on an extremely high note! FOCUS!

Be so positive that when people see you, they just smile.

Perry Soh