One Day OR Day One?🤔


Which side are you guys feeding? The “One Day” side or the “Day One” side? It’s extremely important to know which side you’re feeding because having a mindset of One Day, will always be a dream and illusion. However, having a mindset of Day One, will always be the road to the destination you’ve always desired.

One day, I will buy a Lamborghini, one day, I will buy a villa, one day, I will be rich. So on and so on. All these will never happen because you’re not taking any actions! It’s just a thought that pops up in your mind. You see another well dressed gentlemen or lady coming out of a luxurious vehicle and you thought to yourself, “Yeah, one day I will be like them” and moved on going through your normal daily life.

What if, you changed your mindset to today is day one of myself working hard to get a Lamborghini, today is the day one of myself working hard towards getting a villa, today is the day one of myself to the world of the rich and you start taking actions the very next moment? Have you ever thought that having the right and positive mindset can be so powerful? It is indeed powerful!

Just a simple twist in your thoughts and you are already working on the goals you desire. It’s all in our mind and it’s all about how bad we want to get it!

I have an example to share while I was playing basketball during the evening of our favorite Friday (I’m sorry because I got home after 23:59 and it’s already Saturday). I was defending and guarding my 1.8m tall friend and I’m only 1.7m. His wing span and his jumping ability will definitely outdo me right?

So I thought to myself at first, “I can’t guard you bro, it’s near to impossible” and yep, I can’t guard him. So the very next possession, I told myself “I will push him out of his comfort zone and force him to make contested shots”, it works for a few rounds. The next possession, I told myself “I definitely can guard him” and I managed to stop a few!

It’s all in our mind! When you say you can, you can. When you keep telling yourself you can’t, eventually you’ll be defeated. Not defeated by anyone else, but by your own thoughts. Let’s keep practicing our mindset to be positive and always think of the optimistic outcome! Let today be the Day One that you start practicing positive thoughts and mindset!

Have a good rest and I’ll see everyone in the beautiful and amazing weekends! I hope you guys had an awesome week! FIGHTING!

Practice positive thoughts and mindset, you’ll be returned with positive results!

Perry Soh