Positive: Mindset | Attitude > Positive: Results!

Welcome to the beautiful weekends! It’s a good start towards Personal Development isn’t it? It’s FANTASTIC! It’s the only days that we get to work on Personal Development and the things we love.

It’s not only the weekends that we are able to work on Personal Development and the things we love. During the weekdays is possible too! All we have to possess is these 3 things taught by my Regimental Sergeant Major during my army days.


First we must have a positive mindset. Having a positive mindset is all about how we think about something. If we think that something is positive, it will be positive else it will just be another blank thought.


After we set our mindset right, it’s now about having positive attitude. Between our mindset and attitude, it’s very similar but the only difference is that our mindset only defines what we think and our attitude defines how we feel towards something and the actions that we take.

If we our mindset is always positive, it means we are naturally thinking positive for everything. Then we can move on and develop positive attitude. For example, once you’ve set straight on your goal, thinking positive, you will then start feeling positive and start taking actions towards your goal. That is how positive mindset and attitude works hand in hand.

Having positive mindset and positive attitude will lead us to the last thing.


Yes! With positive mindset and positive attitude, positive results will appear. It all starts with your mindset, then your attitude and eventually you will deserve what you worked hard for! Your dreams, success and goals will all come true!

I have been trying my best to have positive mindset and positive attitude everyday and I hope you will join me too! Let’s achieve all of our goals and successes with positive mindset and positive attitude as our initial motivation and start taking the necessary actions! Have a blissful and beautiful weekends and I’ll see everyone in my next post!

DAY 200/365

Always do the right things right and the right things will come to us eventually.

Perry Soh