Splendid Sunday!

A beautiful well spent Sunday with my family! Just like last week, we started going to parks to exercise, adhering to social distancing measures but still had as much fun as we can! Spending time with my family are always priceless.

Had a splendid rest last night and woke up early to accompany my beautiful lady to her work and started off with Personal Development! Sundays are all about family bonding time, so I went to pick my beautiful lady from her work and headed home to spend quality time!

You know it’s an amazing day spent when your parents and lovely girlfriend kept smiling throughout the day and that really sooth my heart. In the evening, we went to Pasir Ris Park for our weekly jog and took some amazing photos there!

It’s time to set our weekly goals for the coming week and achieve all of them! It’s possible! Take the weekends as an recharge for you to burst through the entire week!

Have a great week ahead and let’s start the week positively together! Have a blessed rest tonight and I’ll see everyone in my next post!

Choose to be happy because love and wealth comes when you are happy.

Perry Soh