Be Your True Self!

Be who you want to be, who you aspire to be, who you portray to be but most importantly, be yourself, your true self! Welcome back to a brand new week of hustle everyone!

It’s absolutely cool to be who we always wanted to be, a teacher, an astronaut, a successful millionaire or billionaire and etc. It all comes down to one thing, we got to be at the most transparent state that we can be. Yes that is we have to be our true self and not who someone else depicts us to be.

Never hide any side of you when you’re doing sales or anything in life. Always show who you are no matter what circumstances you’re in, be honest and nothing will go wrong being honest! INTEGRITY matters! Unleash your true potential that is hidden within you and go get your success!

I was feeling extremely exhausted today because I slept late last night working on Personal Development and it slipped off my mind that my father have a hospital appointment at 8:30AM. I reminded myself before I went to sleep that I have to wake up early in a few hours and yes I managed to wake up! Positive mindset helps!

Worked while waiting for my father to be done at the hospital and it’s a full fledged grind Monday after we got home! An extremely productive day and a wonderful way to start the week off, managing my time properly as scheduled the night before and doing the things I love.

All these things that we do every now and then will help in unleashing our true potential! Don’t give up and always have faith that even if Monday isn’t that good as you expected, the rest of the days will get better! Always remember, no matter what situation you’re in, always be your true self!

Have a beautiful rest and I’ll see everyone in my next post! FOCUS!

Unleash your true potential and always be your true self.

Perry Soh