Never Reject Opportunities!

Happiest Mid-Week everyone! Today is just so splendid! How’s the week going so far? Well I took a day leave for today and just right in the noon I’ve received some news. I have been appointed to take charge of IT Security for a new project in my company and as this is my first time, I’m feeling a little skeptical and nervous.

Thinking if I can make the cut or not, but I took it up anyway! Despite me not knowing anything about what I should or should not do, I accepted the opportunity given to me. Accept any opportunities or challenges, even if you don’t know! You can always learn later.

So without second thought, I agreed with this opportunity given and tomorrow will be the first internal meeting that I am attending! It gets me riled up and excited because I reminded myself to keep my mindset and attitude positive! No matter how difficult the task is, I believe in myself that I can and I will deliver my best quality that I can!

Always have believe in yourself, no matter how tough life is being towards you! The things that happen, happen for you. Always think of what a situation is trying to teach you, what value can you get out of it and what can you do to make the best out of it!

Have a good mid-week rest and let’s work even harder to make this week absolutely productive and positive! FOCUS!

Accept the opportunity even if you don’t know anything. You can always learn later but you may not get the same opportunity later.

Perry Soh