Awesome Catch Up Session!

Got back home not long ago after a basketball session with my close friends and a solid, awesome catch up session with them afterwards. It’s amazing how we can sit at the basketball court for 2.5 hours, just chatting and catching up with each other and of course we do adhere to Social Distancing measures.

We hardly played basketball together in the past few years due to our own commitments and we recently just started after the Circuit Breaker ended. It’s the bonds that we fostered back when we are in secondary school days.

Basketball is a sport indeed, but it’s also a sport that brings a team together. A sport that brings people’s heart together. It’s our underlying passion that brought us back together again! Apart from my girlfriend that relief my stress during work, playing basketball with them is always a joy.

Work will never be tough when you have good relationships with your girlfriend and your buddies! Trust me, sometimes the people that can give you the best advice are the people you are closest with!

We have finally reached our weekly Personal Development week and let’s start off our weekends by doing something we love! FIGHTING!

Ignite the passion within you and enjoy.

Perry Soh