Show Your Love & Affection! ❤️

Beautiful, beautiful Saturday! Weekends are here for us to make the most out of it! We have to make full use of the 24 hours given to us daily and to make it as meaningful as we can!

How I spend my weekends varies. Sundays are always reserved for Family Day and most Saturdays are used for full Personal Development. Due to more responsibilities now in my work, I sometimes have to spend Saturdays doing research for my work as I did today.

New responsibilities and new technologies will be implemented and it is required that I have to be proficient in these new technologies. The best part is about being able to always learn new things. Never stop learning and always never give up in learning! It will be tough but it will always be worth it!

I only managed to push through and never gave up because of every reminder that I gave myself to be positive, motivated and always loving deeper.


As each day passed by, I fell deeper and deeper in love with my girlfriend and we are both one step closer to one of our dreams! She is one of my reminders for myself to work even harder than the day before and she always sooth my heart with her mesmerizing smile and actions.

When you are given a choice, always choose to be happy because happiness will bring you further in life and happiness will also bring along love and wealth to you. Never ever expect anything in return when you give something to someone else! Just give your best, do your best and the best will naturally come to you.

I’m so thankful for my supportive girlfriend that gives me endless support and never-ending love! I love you so much my dear baby ❤️! I’m always enjoying how much we get to spend the weekends together and soon, we will be spending almost everyday together!

Have a beautiful weekends everyone! Show your love and affection to the people around you, inspiring them to be positive and motivated and keep spreading happiness every where! Let’s go!

Choose to be happy because happiness will bring along love and wealth to you.

Perry Soh