Happy Birthday Sister-In-Law! 🎂🥳🎁

Happy birthday sis-in-law! I wish you prosperous life ahead of you and always be positive and happy! Can’t wait for you to pop a nephew or niece out me! 😛

It’s double blessing for us because we get to celebrate her birthday together with our family day. Family day is extremely important because it’s the only day that we get to bond together as a family and the only day for us to catch up and relax each other’s minds!

I whipped up Vegan Lasagna for her today and I’m so glad she loved it! Special thanks to my beautiful girlfriend for helping me out today as well, it’s our love that made the food so delicious!

Once again, Happy Birthday to you sis-in-law!

Now we’re back to setting our weekly goals today and to achieve the goals by the end of next week! I’m already foreseeing that the coming week will be extremely busy due to work as it’s our submission week. Let’s uphold our standards, positive mindset and positive attitude and let’s conquer the week together!

Family will always be family, no matter how distant.

Perry Soh