Be The Monster Of Your League!

GRIND! We are back to the grind! The only way that we are allowing ourselves to start off the week is starting it extremely strong, positive and motivated! Be a monster in your own league!

I spent the entire morning reading through all of the necessary documents required for meeting in the noon and I’m surprised that I did not procrastinate even for a single minute. Deep down I know that all my hard work now, will pay off in the future. It’s not about being all hardworking just in 1 day, but the progression that you’ve made everyday.

No matter how difficult things are, it’s not impossible to be completed. That is what I realized during the meeting that I’ve attended for the whole afternoon. Nothing is impossible, with a little extra effort here and there, doing your best and being positive, anything can be done!

The only difference between ordinary people and extraordinary people is being ‘extra’. Work so hard till you become a monster of your own league. What I meant by being monster is not literally a monster, but that you’re so good at the stuff you do that no one else can replace you!

It’s the start of a brand new week, another week to accomplish more of your short term goals that will contributes to the long term goals and eventually your financial freedom or the success that you desire! Go to bed satisfied tonight and wake up being hungry to continue working for your goals tomorrow!

You are not alone! Have a good rest and I’ll see everyone in my next post!

Be so good that no one can ever replace you.

Perry Soh